Friday, July 2, 2010

Its wrong to love

Hey,haha..hmm maybe its really a crime falling in love with someone. Perhaps,it is so wrong to wait for them and even miss them. Sometimes its just thousand words with blur pictures around,i just can't figure it out the shape coming in. Humans are so blind,or its just a human?(which is me)counting days,wishful nights..was it futile or its really unnecessary..something really goin on in here,sometime we get used to it and try to let it go. God really create some ppl with stones and diamonds,the harder u try to break it off,u're the one who gets bleed,the diamond will never scratched a bit. But is it really wrong to love someone?i've been pouring myself with questions,i nvr get the teach me things you preach everything..maybe its really wrong to love someone..its a sigh,i noe i had try my be the best,but i'm sorry i'm just a spoiler in everything......

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