Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is my last post

Passion, caprice, glee and enthusiasm of writing occupy special peculiar space in my tiny heart. Have you ever feel like moving your fingers when you have a funny, blue and wrath rolling over every ounce of your cells? How do I define writing? Was it just lines of word, arranged and there it is? My dictionary says, writing is about telling story, whether it hurts and you make it gay or vice versa. It’s something that has everything. Once the smooth ink sinks on the paper it is going to be something. It gives life to the souls, it lighten the nearly ending life. Writing is always special, I learn life from writing. Three things I learn from this life are faith, love and trust. How can goofy ugly words make me learn? I bet this is what they say. Watch me, lesson number one, before you even doodle on the paper, learn to watch. Use the right anatomy because you might mix-up dynamic emotions on your fingers. When your eyes capture things, mental envisages it and channels feeling to your fingers. Everytime I watch things, I learn to derive vocabs from it. Every word written meant a lot to me, every single of it brings about different story about me. This leads to lesson number two, learn to say things obliquely. Writers are always full of story, so we learn to twist things, so that it will be unfathomable and deep. This is what I like the most about writing. Sometimes the answers were there, but people did not get it straight. Sad, we are people who hide feelings under the beautiful lines because we could not afford being discovered. We are secret keepers. Writing make me be who I am because words treat me equal. Word I wrote never bit me. Things I wrote always warm in my heart because I wrote things I like. I said crag fast things that I wish I could pronounce loud. Everything I did in my own way which heads to lesson number three, speaks heart language. We are the most true when we write. We write from heart and we mean it. It goes to every little thing that happens to be passed by the bosom. What sparks your life that goes straight to your souls, I assume precious. For us, it’s never matter if people don’t know how we feel, because we have writing that brings about vitality. Pen and papers is always our best friend and we cannot afford people letting us down so many time. We cannot afford merely bad heartbreak. We are vulnerable inside, but on papers we are stronger than we always do. Where all the courage lies within, that’s what we called “the best thing of my life”. We compose those pretty words and we shall never quit.But i have to quit..everything goes around is not fer everyone anymore.

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