Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting Ahead

Her eyes her eyes..I love the song btw..
Hey ther, say welcome back to me, =D but i'm not regular anymore. Well its kindda odd wen u stop writing, d moment u start typing an alphabet i need a moment to digest, whats next :) so hello again! After turning 21 few month ago I felt like nothing much change,I still having horrific atittude which is english communication breakdown. Seriously, i can't control my english. Well d last ramadhan was awesome & of course Eid's day. Not much cuz i miss my grandma damn much. Crying a river on Raya night. Jeez what an attitude. (suddenly i got crouching tummy). Anyway,leave dat aside,i got back frm my short break, guess what!how great i have FYP awaits me :( this is d bad part..i dun wanna stay here anymore!*pretending childish. ;) thanks god i juz finish my chapter 1 and chapter 3. Knowing dat chapter 2 will be needing me being an asshole (in term of muttering) haha..too bad i have a few more journals for my literature review. How nuisance is dat, FYP is my ticket to graduate..please2 let me grad on far no probs,so fhew..not relieved enav cuz i got about plenty of stuff killing around me. Gotta settle up and leave schools. :) can't wait to get the scrolls and get mysev out. Lately i got too much problems. Espcially misunderstanding wiv some friends. Now i'm just gonna shut up and let people talk,i dun mind anymore. I'm resistant to pressure..(am i??). And for those who mock me talking english, thanks alot~ No one ever ask u to mingle wiv me and I don't want lets get this straight, mind your own business,okay thats it for today..:)

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