Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lumpish Thesis. (I'm roaring)

This is the last 2 week before FYP presentation,erghhh (alright alright chill chill). Therz nothing much more galvanic than sel-motivation. Eversince i had 5 more times to meet my supervisor,seriously nervous! I got a pending pilot test because my instrument is not ready yet..gosh who i might seek help to translate it into Malay???Anyone outhere??help~My academic language is supremely at d bottom level.(why do we need dwi-bahasa) I need a year to do this stupid thesis. Come on people, its not an easy thing, like 3 chapters for 1 sem and thers plenty of parasites hanging on ur neck. I got last minute mid term,which make things even more worst !!!This is a stupid eleventh hour life of mine. I'm not dat persevering freak. (god bless me). I even had my weekend stranded in a ice-cold building called CAIS, (i shud hav build a tent & and light up sum fire)..I'm totally worn out by d end of diz September. I happened to miss basketball immediately too but sorry i dun have time to hang around in court throwing ball while people are all busy staring on 12 inch lappy. (I'm not excluded!) Can't wait for this thng to be OVER..and i submit it, present it & crap the hell I want. Gotta go to claz 1st ! daaaaa~

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