Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life and Tulips

Life is scary, yeah indeed nobody can anticipate d bizarre things in life. Today maybe we're live in gaga but tmrow maybe your life will taken away (who knows ) So I wanna do things dat make others happy. Ever heard the Keukenhouf Park in Netherland, thats my fav place on earth. People love Paris and everything but I love this Park darn much. You see I'm kindda tulips-maniac. No offend everybody got things that they love ryte. Tulips for me is different. In fact of they were ol gorgeous i see tulips as a strong plant (tho they have bulb dat easily poked by lil creatures called insects) Its seasonal dat makes you wait patiently untill Spring wher it blooms :) Strong plant for me cause they can bare taken out frm the soil at least longer than roses. Tulips are ellegant :) How a flower can actually teach us life (back to biology) Before i reach 50 i must!got to be there and watch them bloom. :]

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