Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hye bloggie, as if like I dun have anymore decent stuff to do rather than being ridiculous telling bout life here (anyway). I was juz manage d new theme for my mozilla, simpsons! dat remind me of my childhood, watching simpsons in evening show of course isolating mysev frm childhood thrill. (whatta pity childhood). I wanna start over, throw away d side effect of those childhood thingy and ready to grow up completely. It scares me, wen it comes to be in real life. All ths time sake we donnoe how does it feels d pinch of a real life becoz university is the last safest place of making mistakes. That's wat my lecturer said earlier diz year. Now, time is moving towards November I dunno what m I doing. Its either whatever I study here is really what my passion is all about or its just something else because of my past educational frustration. I was really overindulge in classic hassle. (omigosh)

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