Saturday, October 30, 2010

That's How The World Works

H.E.L.P what was dat again? help? life is really hilarious and at the same time full of frustrations. Ever seek help frm people won't u?so how r those people been treating u?shall we make a likert scale here. I'm totally immune wiv all of these crap anyway. When it comes to things we called help I just cudn't hesitate to laugh at mysev. What a very intimidating kick start. I wasn't d type dat seek help frm ppl. Such cold headed like mine, never gonna mince my ego & seek for help. But anyway, its a fibber if i were to say I never seek for help. People need help anyway, so do I. Things that I learn to hate in diz life is getting help frm others. You see, I rather had my fingers burn lifting boxes, I rather don't sleep d entire nite doing important things and I rather do it mysev. You noe why, getting help frm someone u knew will turn u down thats even more scary than having a burn fingers (dat I end up plastering all around). That is how diz life works. I dun like:
1. when u help people u keep talking bout it
2. wen people ask for ur help u said something offensive
3. wen someone help u alot, u ignore them wen it comes they seek for ur help
That's just so wrong in so many way (hmmm). My experiences teach me,, this environment teach me.I can help others but to seek for others help I won't do it. I've been in a rotten situation wen I seek help they say smth offensive. My way, i'm only gonna ask once and for d god sake I won't seek help frm dat person ever again even how desperate I am. To help gotta be sincere, doesn't matter how small or big d thing is be SINCERE. Whats wrong wiv helping without getting a return? Life is not about getting a return, life is about get through it sincerely and one day d wheel will go around at ur place. I reli hate wen people help me dey keep talking about it. That's obviously not sincere. You help and u tell others how much u help d person. I reli hate these kind of person. I've been ther once and of course in ths lifetime I wont seek for dat person's help EVER again. I learn dat sometimes wen u do things on ur own it sounds better becoz u don't have to face such rotten people. How hard it is, its just me and I dun have to listen to people muttering how I cost their time. (ahhh i feel like crying already) Remember, life is about give and take.

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