Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Up Today

Hello Thursday, so much anticipating my coming up day. Whats wrong wimme? Something's wrong? Well TODAY everything's wrong..hahaha :D
1. I can't sleep (for no reason)
2. My FYP is complete (i've bind it & even slides done, sounds weird)
3. My interview dat i requested a postpone had been .....=,[ (xmau ckp)
4. Debate UNIMAS won 2nd place.. me??? (screaming in my heart&head while typing assignment for d entire weeks =<)
5. Skipped meals...(Breakfast-x, Lunch-x,Dinner-x, Supper-/ )
6. Waiting for bus in d rain (epic,like dlm cte kt tv....d rain was really...uhmmm,i'm not wet but SOAK!..sedey)
7. Reach office but it closed already !!! (feel like crying a river,i've been soak up in rain, running over a gold medal..and...huh)
8. Went to cafe for dinner...(apperently therz no SEAT, tros xde mood& went back to room)

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