Friday, January 29, 2010

Basketball Tragedy??

How does it feel wen u haven’t bleed for such time?lol..nway this isn’t bout emotion kay. I’m talking on behalf of real cut..i went for basketball diz evening..havent touch it since last sem..kindda rusty a bit..pushing hard for 3 point shot yg xmsuk2 ring for the past 30 minutes..apparently I was alone so no people to chat it was a serious try out after leaving the game for few month..As usual d ball msuk longkang and hell what happen was I got this injuries bcoz of dat..theres a long cut at my arm..bruises will be...which I consider as painful enough n wallah!its bleeding in advance..just put a lil sigh cuz I hate blood n I can have a grip (thanx to haemophobia).m not kid anymore..n its childish to cry for blood..i keraskan my heart n….its getting dark..before there are some bisexual,transgendered,trans-whatsoever ppl bising2 at the next I plugged my ears wif my Samsung..eventually it’s rainin!!!arghhhh..i have to balik tho..walking frm cempaka to bunga raya..not bad..m starving..d last meal I had was at 9 a.m…n iced chos at 4p.m after went for e-voting thingy..-kne mara at nite-

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