Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Issue

It’s a dull Saturday morning..i was trying to roll back a few hours ago wher mimie urge us all to go for aerobic but wallah m seeing her stranded on bed until 8 in d morning..wht a motivation..well I usually up early n can never sleep after my subuh prayer..things had been quite complicated lately..i decided to give up and let dat someone to think really carefully. My walls had been so cram wif random facts and my pretty sugarfree time table..and dat cute channing tatum pic..seem to distract my eyes everyday I woke up..dat G.I.Joe guy really freakin my insulin up..

On my mini desk I cud found my personal equipment scattered and my sweets box were opened..n great my body shop lotion crawling under my study table..probably I hit it off wen I walk in d dark diz morning and stupidly looking for light switches.

M goin out for foods today..obviously bolognise..yummy mama mia!i love dat bloody fucking much..n not to forgets I have to buy kinder bueno..dats my fucking favs chocs man!

Suddenly I remembered one of the random facts dat I put on my wall..its CYBERCHONDRIAC..i cant believe ther are such as thing..cuz I juz noe hypochondriac..hahaha..hows dat define as literary term??never gonna work on my brain tho..

My teddy still asleep (teddies do not sleep)..huhu..and I really hope thing will get better..well im in doubt whether I shud go wif white or red shirts..both look good..just wish I were in Selangor now..picking up new shirts and mucking around wif my favs cap..yeeehaaa..m insane!!my brain cannot function well

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