Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life is Hard

When is the time u realize that u’re an adult??as in matured..life is so hard. I never doubt that. When u think u own the entire world there is where u made a mistake. What so good about being the eldest???sometimes u gonna felt like everything is ur stuff. U responsible for it tho there are other things that u shud care rather than sitting at the edge of ur bed at 3 am in the morning and mourning…what a hard life to do..thanx to the blog but poor for readers (like I have readers,,)..do u ever felt like throwing ursev in sahara getting roasted like Kenny rogers..or chilled in north pole like baskin and robbin..i do!!!tell me in any way that I cud seize all my burden,my stuff,my thought,my responsibility and whatever more away..
Some ppl saw u just on the surface wher u’re a happy, jovial ,motivated person..if I were to be the CEO I dunno what wil happen to my company once my emotional scarce control is break down. Felt like the entire world smack on my head..too many words too many tears..never know wen i’ll meet the word enough. Writing always make me feel better tho I just cover 15% of the word BETTER…but its okay rather than keep it inside and therez a massive volcanos and hurricane inside u..ppl never see that tho..sometimes u juz need someone to talk to but u dunno how to start..sometime u just have so many friends but dunno how to trust them..sometimes u just need a shoulder to cry but u just cudn’t find any wen u really need one..(who cud evr listen to such crap dat I said)
I heard a quote saying that we are something but none of us are everything..BUT I am everything..i hold so many thing like I cud ever imagine..as early as 7..like why god create me with such unfathomable,super deep understanding even in young age..u noe smthing bad but u juz cudn’t tell..how r u suppose to act???leave that for some time to think..

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