Monday, January 25, 2010


The Twins
Beware of devil they’re watching you
Prepare your amulet it may breakthrough

White flakes fell heavily outside the old mansion at the end of Woodsphere Avenue. It looked sinister as one made for doppelganger especially when lightning shone like double volt spotlight on top of its roof. The sometimes light hit the gargoyles faces dat carved on the balcony wall. The mansion’s design were very much classy but spooky at once. The house was miles away from metropolitan city as if like it at the end of the world. Indeed it’s a not so popular small town where the society has a social breakdown. Though it’s not like New York City but there still a hospital, school and any other amenities. Seemed like just yesterday few cops come to investigate the death of Sister Josephine. Her body was found frozen in the wood nearby. Her cranial was badly detonated by someone or something that still inexplicable. Seemed like just a few hours ago other corpses were found and it almost unrecognizable with tremendous injury done by something vile. The victims were Madam Louisa Gomez and Mr Zachary who were living two miles away from the crime scene. Those cases leads detective Gunderson to the old mansion. The thick snow made it hard for forensics to look for evidence.
“Do you hear any suspicious voice when you go out a week ago?” Detective Gunderson asked softly the dark eyed, blonde naturally cute 14 year old Thabita Evan. Not wanting to scare because she had her left hand gripped firmly on her hazel eyed twin sister Maritza. Something that attracted Gunderson was, both of them wearing a weird bangle on their right. Both of them were never smiling in any way. They both weren’t the peanut-averse twin the only thing that can differentiate them is their eyes. They had it different.
“ Nnno..ssir” Thabita stutter. Perhaps she was too young to be question for homicide case. However, Maritza was far calmer than Thabita. Those twins were living with their grandma and a maid in that big mansion. The Evans was known for their wealth because Thabita great great grandfather was a noble man. Their parents were deceased years ago when they were 7. Since then, only four of them living together in that big mansion which appeared to be spooky at night. The grandmother is the one who badly ill and stays at the bed all the time. Not much can Gunderson asked from her since she can only uttered a few words. She looked like a dead person talking. Her skin cold and her lips blue colored like one on the victim. That’s strange. Gunderson sensed something wrong with the house and so with the people inside. Their maid is the one who stayed in the kitchen and did the house chores every day but possible for them to listen to something since the crime scene was just a few meters behind the house. However Gunderson have a strong intuition that the mystery will be cracked in that house.
That night Gunderson asked permission to stay in the mansion since the town has no motel or rental house that he could fit in since the headquarters were miles away from Woodsphere. The little Maritza led him to his chamber. It was old style room like one in bamstoker movie. Along his way to the chamber there were lots of arts at the wall. Some of them looked hair-raising when the lightning beam touched it. It was all dusky and gloomy inside.
“Make yourself comfortable” as Maritza breaking the silence. Gunderson just nodded.
Dinner was fantastic as Gunderson put so many compliments on the foods. Maritza and Thabita just stared as he enjoyed the foods. Both of them refuse to join him. He could say that was a great dinner and a tasty steak he ever ate in his life. Maybe for those two girls these meals were normal. Rich folk after all.
The loud noise from an old clock hit Gunderson’s Eustachio as it stroke exactly at 12 midnight. He was awaken by his curiosity. He moved his quilt slowly and began to walk his step out from his chamber. He wandered in the sinister darkness. It was quiet all over the big house. He had a sudden feeling of being the next Sherlock Holmes. He walked slowly not wanting to wake everyone in the house.
The second floor of the house looked normal except for one rusted door and a stairs that lead to the third floor of the mansion. He was tickled by supreme interest. However his thirst stopped him for a moment and he decided to go down to the kitchen and grabbed some drink.
All things were arranged neatly in the cupboard. There was a mini bar at the right of the kitchen. Surprise Gunderson didn’t notice than when he arrived this morning. He grabbed a goblet from the tray and poured a red liquid that he assumed as wain. The moment the liquid touched his lips he was taken aback in terror. It tasted like,yes,definitely. He was so sure about this because he’s a detective and he faced it so many times in his lifetime. Its blood. He ran upstairs for the rusty door. With courage he pull the door and shiver ran down his spine as he saw coffins and the room was full of stuff for superstitious séance. The chamber weren’t lighten by bulbs but candles and those looked eerie. He walked in without thinking further the horrendous thing that will happen soon.
While he made his steps he bumped onto something on his feet. It was a piece of fabric that looked just like the one that wore by late Mr Zachary. Suddenly his attention was disrupted by a loud noise downstairs. Curious. Gunderson made his way downstairs at the living room.
He could not believe what he saw before his eyes. Thabita and Maritza were shrieking like never ending recording tape of horror movie but reckless Gunderson thumped the urn. The loud sprang totally broke the attention of those two little creatures. Gunderson went dread and suddenly all lights were off. He froze on his feet. Merely lights from the sometime lightning made his adrenaline worked faster than ordinary speed. He took out his gun slowly almost soundless and he paced backward in the nocturnal darkness. Suddenly he paused as his back pressed onto something. Swallowing his throat hard and bitter taste of fear in his mouth. When the lightning thrust again the flashes reflected at the glass frame in front of him. A little monster with black shiny wing gloated behind him and at the same time he felt a throbbing pain at his neck. Another one came and gave a stroke on his chest as he dropped his gun. His skin was torn by cruel fingers. He could feel blood oozing from everywhere in the twinge beneath the darkness. At the same time heard a loud sound of something sucking hard like someone trying to sip on some tubes.
Gunderson was too frail to open his mouth. His lips elegantly closed in terror and his voice trailed off. His ears captured voices and it’s getting far and he’s losing it. His breath getting low and his heartbeat seemed to stop soon. In his head there were answers everywhere. His case was solved. He closed his eyes and there was breath no more. A week after that, his body was found frozen at the town entrance with his body mutilated, his heart taken away and no blood left in his vein.
Another detective came to question at the mansion. The Evans twin glares so hard and cold as if there bullets going to shoot of their eyes. Scarily they end up smiling to each other showing their bloodsucker teeth. They knew that there will be a big feast before their eyes.
The end

by aisyaluvampire

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