Thursday, January 28, 2010


My love,my love,my love
i´ll give you all my love if you,if you,
if you dont change a thing,
About the way you hold me everynight,
so right, i wanna man like you to say FOREVER IN MY LIFE

tremendously palsy..m goin thru diz hard love recession..uhmmm is dat a proper jargon anyway...i dun care..i have no class today..n its election day..fhew..mine will be next week..speaking of devil the YDP just mail me the venue of d election..eee..
i miss him badly tho..i just cant think,eat whatever i did was him all over me..:((..wherd u go i miss u so..since like been forever that u been gone..
well dats okay he mite be busy somehow..n outta credit some more..i noe how a student life look i try to squeeze into his mind slowly..n m typicaly sorry cuz being so emoic towards moon is crushing me anyway..*literary hormonal disorder cause me to react toward unconditional n resulting irrational actions..dats it..i just dunno how to say how sorry i was for being such a grumpy old hag..sorry so badly..n i just dunno how to tell how much i love him..d only thing dat i see in diz planet other mars ppl rather than him..

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