Thursday, January 14, 2010

I just being ME again

Its raining more than wizard and dragon last nite and currently it still pouring outside. The skies seem has no joy today.its all black and gloomy and I gez I wont stop till eve..its chily in here..lately the weather had been so inevitable so do myself. *wat m I sayin..anyway m gonna have tp finish those application letter for our kuching debate league..creepy..anyway m in a team with salley and grisha..we do have chemistry do we?hahha..1st thing in debating is language but the most is chemistry..u cant have a team that gonna be pulling hair everytime debate..we need unity and mutual ideas..okay..dats all..m not xpecting the borneo just those ppl do it cuz m lookin forward for persatuan mahasiswa!m gonna do diz..seriously..i will!my language still leaking here and ther plus there will be a second coming up event which is interfaculty debate..m sooooo into spirit to debate is back n I have spirit to learn tho I still cant get over my breakup wif oxygen..its okay..m gonna try my best tho I noe I cudn’ I decide to stay loving him in anyway and pretend he still wif me..sounds psychotic but I dun care~full stop ther or m gonna start crying..
With all my heart I had try my best to wear bju kurung every Friday…m just an ordinary girl he says..same macam org lain..i wanna try to be a level wif does it feel to be sama cam org lain..sorry so much I just cant..m having double standard wen I make friends..i cant talk to ppl or even communicate like I noe them..cuz me is me..just me..i have stupid unfathomable and depress mouth..i had vows no Malay in class and room..m not gonna speak in dat language practically often..look I cant say hi to ppl who’snot in my accent!!!how difficult was dat..i have my own clans n only my clan noe me..those people are not ckin,ida,mie,aleng and tim…only these ppl are my real clan..dey noe each other we have the same other m sorry its not dat I cant smile or talk wif u but really m snobbish enough to do dat and I reli cant smile to ppl I dunnno..dats m not d same wif others outthere..i just trying to be me d nuture,alert to be secure,creepy,appaling manner..arrogant..
Dats y I always tell my pals and my clans or even my bestie dun make me mad cuz m gonna someonelse dat I cant imagine or even worst..wen I’m mad I’m a total hunger dragon and I have mouth like a chirping bird and I have words dat I dunno exactly wht m I precaution stay 1 meter radius wen I’m freak out..or m gonna sweep u into rubbish bin together wif my shitty fucky words..
So much for a morning see ya l8er

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