Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Well Develop Emotion

Currently sitting in lab doing illegal thing which is sneak into blog..brilliant..this wasnt the 1st time m doin diz morron stuff..anyway,,not much but m having this very sluggish day ever..didnt feel like goin to miss farida class today~duhhh but i hav to cuz she love to sacked ppl out frm her class..lucky i was the 1st 11 ppl who contribute to her good manner of the day..cuz we came to her 1st claz of the week..aint dat sooooo naive..???nway..whatever i still have to come tho!
m in superior doubt today..no in da lula mood so kindda down to earth emotion belongingness..when is the last time i laughed like super maniac who just lost her frontal lobe for NO GOOD..it was yesterday eve wen i pretend that m in cloud 9 whatsoever..so i was laughing *dibuat2...find smth funny within but its not working..i was nominated to be INSANE by my clans..fhew..cuz dey dunno..
The reason why m having blog n diary is bcoz i hate telling ppl wht is so jiggling inside my vein *as in body system..cuz once i start to tell stuff..i wont stop..i wont stop telling..dats wrong cuz dey will nver listen..yeah..dey wont!I HAVE DIZ FEAR BEING IGNORED..dats y i cant stop writing cuz its a form of telling thing..i channel everything in dat book so assume smbody listening..its a crime ke???no ryte..n m not psychological neglecting the world but i like it to be not to be whatsoever i had in mind..(whats dat suppose to mean tho)
nway m starving already..i wanna jump on ma bed after diz cuz i woke up at 3 and xtending my awaken till dawn and after..so kindda headache!*cud died suffering frm problem processing at 3 am in d morning..stupid aisya..stupid..stupid..kay..cont in any hours..

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