Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Newly Motivation

I still love you like I did yesterday..well today is the day wher I make a big decision. To let go things that I’m dying and crying and suffering for to get it out. Deep inside let it be smth precious. I’m a step of making my way to be a great CEO..i got idea for my FYP tho it’s a semester to go..cant believe m in second year now and next semester wud be my final year..thinking bout those thing make u realize dat u had grown up..i always hated being grown up ppl because *referring to personality dev theories (cited in Mc Graw Hill)..adulthood is an age wher u had this solid identity..m not confused anymore of who I am. More matured in term of decision making. Make my heart open in every single rebel thing that happen..m not childish anymore m officially 20..no more teenager stuff. But then I just have to face that adults faces so many problems and that’s what I hated being adult. Especially when u’re a WOMEN..wow..how impressive..i have to make myself believe that everything happen ther shud be a good return on why its happening. So I had to deem my conservative short thinking into smth wide..i shall not look into 1 angle..cuz wen god closes one door instead he open a window we often look too long on dat door so take the opportunity and jump..perfection is a faults..if u’re looking for perfection in life u will never get enough..so be modest..

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