Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pressurable pressure which is so pressuring

What m I doing????????????How m I suppose to say..wen..arghhhh…I need a tears pill..can someone gimme any penicillin,whatever therapeutic drug that can make me stop thinking for a second and get a sleep and not waking up at 3 in the morning..how miserable my life is actually..(I had blocked this blog frm my fren..so dey won’t read it thanx GOD technology)..i had this stupid assignment of research method..i took more than 48 hours to think just a TITLE!!which not approved yet..how pathetic was that..i took over multivitamin n now I cant stop eating..n suddenly LOST APETITE at once..what the hell wrong with my body system..shall I put my self in anger or sorrow????how m I suppose to choose my own emotion while m in so many doubt..mum dad..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…leave it!!!!i need my oxygen now but I cudn’t reach him..never mind I dun wanna get him into my trouble..he had enough on his own..i dun wanna burden him wif my thought and my silly things..or even worst I get him into stress..please..i dun wanna make him dat way..i was suppose to support him..i will!!yeah..so let me keep it on my own..(but I miss him so badly)..wuaaaaaaaa…why my life turn to be diz way….go away PRESSURE..go away ASSIGNMENTS..go away..i wanna be wif my oxygen..just for my entire lifetime and nobody disrupt us..no one!!!okay ..i get it..lets just dun disturb others kay Aisya..back to u real speech..what m i talkin baout just now anyway..lost it already..haaaa!!the row..i hate seeing ppl fighting..i cud have drown in tears tonite

Why?why?why?so many question sacked in my brain..do human need to fyte??why do we have wars..stupid human!rekless homo sapien..idiot mammals..why do others will be affected!cant they see how cruel deir psychological effect towards 21 year old girl..or a women?urghhh forget it..whatever..pissed..doomed!yet I cant stand ,,I wanna talk..to whom???i just found TAMMY..so I talk to IT..*IT refers to non-human being dat is not breathing or even response in clear mind..

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