Saturday, January 30, 2010

finally the day end

Whats left is just self hum and sighs…I have the best day ever and the worst day ever..hows dat need to be bragged here I guess..there is no need to tell stories dat shudnt be told..i have the best day ever and I wanna share with the world but d worst part I kept in my pocket near to my heart..m gonna start wearing heart on my head or on my toe..forget those bad things and my classmate (khad,Debbie,pinky,irene,dewi,martha) went for futsal..i’m practically not so good in diz game cuz somehow ppl were inspired by football since I hate football so I have no intention to learn~bla bla was a cool game we screamed we ran we jump we bumped on each other and we mistakenly kicked others..that was fun..i was chosen to be the striker..i like this playin wif ball thingy!!i can run until I’m losing my breath and surprise I felt my leg kindda ringan to move usual fell so many time and my futsal shoe that i eventually found in the store at my apartment kindda slippery cuz the court I gez…it does hurt but I stand up again for the game..only when I woke up diz morning i realize my ankle swollen and both my knee went reddish blue..gonna suffer for a few days I guess..but dats okay..m okay with it..m still breathing and instead I ate a lot..high metabolism..on the eve we went for frenzy stuff..yelling at the spring kbox..thats really relieving my tension..the last time I went for this is..i dun remember..wif my cuzzy elly kot..i was curling myself like a ball on a bed for a semester…cheez..

However part of the concern thing is I forgot my hair gel whatsoever..cuz really my hair look continue screaming and freezing in the chilly aircond..its okay kot to release tension sometimes…yeah..i went to PADINI just to buy a sweater..gosh..boleh mati beku!!!den bumped into mimie and her goody boy(PAK SOOD) pn busted cuz I dun tell them m goin out for futsal and movie wif khad..esp wen she said “amboi2 xreti2 nak balik rumah ye”..if cikin found out m gonna be “bebel,leter,ceramah” whatelse in malay we says dat...we went for movie afterwards and the funny thing was I was too freak out wif the movie till d point I dun eat d popcorn cuz I was so busy covering my face and next to dewi and khad yg cm xde feeling langsung..xcept pinky yg tutup her entire face...really seram la dat movie..not seram but..euwww..freaky ngeri..the ghost wasn’t dat spooky but wen dey show how dey r killed dat was so freakin me out..gila psycho!!!!i dun even drink my mineral~sigh..u guys gotta watch haunted university just for the screams..its not a good movie cuz I dun get the point it lead us to..jln cerita yg berbelit2..and there goes text comin in.hmmm..shall not mention it..m a lil bit outta mood at the moment den we go for supper and finally the day end..

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