Sunday, January 24, 2010

KDL debate!!m having fun,troubled and learn

I has been awhile since the last I posted smth..(do u remember-jay sean) currently spinning in my lappy..was it me or my life is getting harder..the assignments, the exams, stupid assessments..and those debate thingy..well I believe I shall not complain so gotta zip up for 3 second. However tell me in any way dat I cud keep my bullets from shooting out frm my frank mouth. Honestly now m writing wif both eyes “menyepet”..m sooo over tire~~I have debate diz morning till eve which cost me to brainstorm ideas for such motion dat 76% I have no idea what the hell was dat suppose to infer..(well dats the last motion)..can’t believe I did it ther such word???i was trying very hard to hold diz eye illness for the past few hour cuz m feeling on jumping onto my bed n wil never wake up again till 12 pm tmorow!!!

Being the deputy is wen u must develop ur argument so dat ppl buy dat..nway I learn so much than before. I have great teams actually cuz we always come out wif good backup plans tho smtimes its not workin but we have fun doing things like bash ppl up and do

m waiting for smbody to reply me..(my subject matter=my love)..i believe he did well in his futsal match today..dats just awesome..just wishin dat I cud see him in know m talking bout d cheer

Women sacrifices a lot…topic of d day. This is the current hot debate among my girlfriends. Well I just sit , listen and nodded or shake head. Not wanting to contribute any ideas dat gonna harm my status quo perception and m staying vigilant in d sense of I dun wanna talk about it wif those girls which appear to be so emotional can be spooky at once wen u have debates wif no Mr/Mrs speaker dat gonna say “order of the house”. Upon the next 30 minutes this debate had become hotter as dey put in examples dat make me wanna runaway to ALASKA..on dey make me talk about it..well eventually I have two degree of dat oppose YES and vice versa..

Firstly m gonna brag on NO (this is rebuttals so it has to be against one another) answer which is yes, women sacrifices a lot~in a sense of motherhood and career. Some women just give up their job for family purposes. They need to take care of their kids and do house chores. Logically if u’re a mother and have this motherhood accent u won’t leave ur children live without ur assistant. What makes the difference between career women and the non is of course time consummation for family matters. I believe it is proven that the closer parent to the children the higher tendency these children grown up and developing well. That is insight of the matured ground where sometime women give up stuff dat they dream of more than men does. Because women are more tolerable, nurture oriented and not selfish. *note dat m not saying men were selfish. M talking based on the ability of women to be separated with their dream and principle because of something that they believe worth staying for. Another instance that we cud picked on is family responsibility. Some carry burden of taking care of their family and some engaged wif duo situation wher they have parents and kids to be taken care of. Obviously m not gonna touch on shallow issue like the one in love (too much prove tho)~I hope those xplaination up ther tally wif all issues that cud appear around.

My second degree of rebuttals is on YES answer which I prefer to oppose because based on the status quo the rate of women employments in the job market is getting on the high threshold. After a few decade passed the traditional sense of care and nurture and responsibility is getting smaller. Some have this stand of “if I were to give up my career because of small matters why dun ppl ask me to give up my studies or efforts before I even start working??” ppl are moving on when dey have better options and make things better. So do women..well above of all dats just my random point of view..fair enough I gez..m not on any site so that’s it..

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