Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Very Busy but here some accent

Again happy new year!man m so busy lately so therez plenty of stuff to be settle..instead the beginning of d semester caused me to be on critical fatigue state..well,smth happen before 12 am new year but can’t really mention it here..i felt like my dream come true and vanish just like dat, he shu’ve know me well..m not the type who..u noe..easy going with BOYS!n damn obvious m still into him *cant he see that???..dunno if he shut his eyes for it. I felt like I get my life back for 4 days..but then when those words disappear with him ..thats what guys always do ryte..touch women heart and disappear..*sigh..and m not cheap n desperately friendly..breakup today and the next day I find someone else..dats not the definition of LOVE *critical thinking needed here..enough on dat..

My probation week had been creepy awful..my complimentary lecturer kindda pretty uhmm spooky..too much ground rules and we have to bare wif his Aussies learning style. No doubt I love his class btw. I have to appreciate my feet for walking such a long distance *poor lil footy~ anyway therz smth bout friend that I shud share wif world today..plenty type of friends in diz world..including one who just a parasite dat use friend as a dirty mask. I believe we shud trust friends ryte. But when somebody come to u under d name of friend and happen to be so nice all this time sake wud u believe dat dey can be a traitor. Dats one issue..Funny aint it in my life I owez met diz kind of people. I do appreciate one who being so true wif me..but the PRETENDER..man I dunno any words dat I shud use to forgive u..

Another issue dat I notice is friends wasn’t suppose to be one dat TRANSMIT ur messege wen u’re criticizing on someone else.. even when u share things wif them. They wasn’t suppose to tell other eventho ur cousin. Because what had been discussed in our circle shud end in it and never goin out. That is my ground rules. One more thing is never *menyampaikan what ur fren said to d person..m not dat type yg ske mengumpat..but I do see my friends’ friend did dat..its awful man..wen ppl started to say A shud date C u shudnt be telling A dat we said he/she shud date C..dats just an example okay..but I do hate ppl doin dat.. Come on la..let them settle it dun have to get into deir stuff. .just dun get into ppl personal stuff..dats it..

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