Monday, January 25, 2010


Recap for my weekend..Saturday was totally stolen by those debate thingy and Sunday was like WHAT M I DOIN??? happen I can tell I just can’t stop smiling overdose because my vampire is ther for me~I’m hopin dat he score in his match!!go mi gorda muchacha!!(gez it had been soooo long I left my Spanish class) I went out today for my dat cant be saved anymore even u hand it over glasses suicide doctor..reckless me dat was 700 buck spec dat I bought wen I was in matrix..i broke it off..such a pembaziran I can have 4 bottle of perfume with dat..aaaaaaaa..stop it!stop it! I have this new addiction to perfumes T_T..lucky I still consider my desire is under control..i have to chant “I shall not look at any of those” so I juz went and get the smell..but then smbody has to stop me to get into the body shop in anyway tho..or m not gonna stop buying lip balm (all flavor dat cud ever exist in body shop)..tho 1 cost rm12... alrite2..i bought a new glasses which cost me..cant remember tho *gotta check d receipt..m still under control okay..i can handle good..i wud appreciate if my mom didn’t tell me dat she gonna give me some for Chinese New Year ticket..heee..or weeeee!!!lol..m homesick~~I wanna go home..

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