Thursday, January 28, 2010

Worst day ever!!!

I went to class like any other normal class i went..xcept m sitting way2 in front..dats drag Dr k attention anyway~~wua..dat wasnt the real point of the day wen he came and say.."good u read the journal already" *refers to 30++ page journal dat m not really have a deep interest btw..lucky he didnt call me in front..-saved by the uncertainty and dats the alternative of scenario planning--.Business class can be way2 spooky tho..the class end (yeay)..i was sitting in the bus taking out my biz magazine and my phone on the empty seat next to me..i have this kind of 6th sense u see..i have diz weird feeling of smth bad gonna happen n its about my stuff..i dun wanna figure it out cuz m heading to HEP for debate photoshot whatsoever and therez a public speaking afterwards..cant wait to join!i had a massive plan of the speeches..kindda xcited a bit..but i went to Pohonmas cafe 1st to have my iced chocs (my fav instead of choc cream chips in starbuck,duhhh we dun have starbuck in university compound)..n chicken noodles!!
There goes Monique wif her anxiety of being photo shot ~she keep asking me "do i look good??" man her hair is more than fabulous i can tell..really like her hairdo..cuz its nice!there goes another debater comin to my table..Melvin..i dunno what we're talking about and suddenly both of them talking bout phone..checking texts whatsoever suddenly the 1st thing that came acroos my mind is what if MY VAMPIRE texting i grabbed my MNG bag..(iklan kejap)..whoaaaaaaaa!!almost SCREAMING HELL LOUD..i cudnt find my fon..n i took out everything!!!no sign of my samsung thingy..:((..m running outta mood already n start being paranoid..lucky melvin called the phone n somebody pick it up tho.. A GUY!!!SOUNDS REALLY BAD!!i dun lyke fon is somewhere on earth with anonymous whom didnt even tell his name on the 1st place..(being totally paranoid) till alex n monique came n drag me to d toilet n said "can u calm down.."..wua!!no i cant!!n will never were cuz my phone is wif somebody i dun even noe...felt like crying already..n grisha said i was having diz moody look n she cant stand it cuz m a jovial type of person wen i talked during debate meeting..n i lost apetite already~
GREAT everybody cramming at my place..nimmi,salley,dion,kabi,jo,alex guy,alex girl,monique and melvin and...quay..imagine m d only one eating and d food wasnt really finish n they all rebut me for dat..whoa..
i wasnt smiling at all tho!!!what the hell is wrong!!(thee is smth wrong wen ulost ur phone on the bus dat leads to entire university and therez bumper might have fell but lucky smbody pick it up but....whoaaa :((..n i had migrain so bad and i slept at 8.30 p.m..before my foot was lyke having fever and superb internal injury as i clumsily hit that locker thingy..ouch..really a bad day..n ther i get my phone back already it was an uncle around 40++ who kindly keepit..fhew..tough day..bcoz of dat i didnt join d public speaking cuz m running otta mood..nway dats all

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