Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sometimes I feel like m goin outta my mind boy the way u do me it’s a damn do u feel wen someone dat u truly love oppose u and “hating u”. Rolling back to wen I 1st knew him…he is my everything. I had enough hiding my feeling..i had enough pretending I can forget him..while therez no way on diz earth I can do to erase him from my life. He left me and he came back wif hope and he left and came again with disaster. Sometimes things just happen and nothing we can do bout it. But I think he’s my soulmate..i had so many dream bout him and me. We promised dat we gonna make it to be the sweetest pak cik and makcik forever. I was havin enough trouble in a the morning it was him and at night mom and my lil bro got a motor crash..i really cant take this in one single day. My life seem blurred and my heart seemed to be lost how to digest things.

I was trying to convince myself I have to be strong I have to make it and breakthrough all this rebel tests. I knew I could but this time..i was so scattered into pieces dat can never ever be glued again. I had stop lying wen I knew him. But wen I starts to tell the truth I always been objected. Hows dat suppose to make me a better person. I’m tired doing things alone. Is it damn wrong to love him (oxygen)?? He is my oxygen. He’s my key spirit. He’s my everything. I really wanna take out subwoofer speaker and hell tell d entire world how much I love him. How much I fell for him wen he said he still love me..i miss his jokes..i miss his eyes..i miss his typing evil laugh..i miss his bubbly words..i miss his reverie cuddle..i miss our dream planner..i miss our song..i miss his innocent..i miss wen I woke up from bed and he called me baby..i miss everything bout him..more than what I wrote..more than what I could feel..because I love him damn fucking much and I never regret knowing him..but he did regret knowing me..

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