Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 3rd day

3rd day…Gez that torn girl shud wrapped things up..come on lady!snap! forget those bad days.Days passes…n she didn’t even cry once..she juz hold it..whenever she felt like crying she inhale..breathe easy n exhale..n whisper to herself “shhhhh…everything gonna be alright..u can do this” n sucking all the tears yang almost nk drop..n she did it.—its juz her chest sakit kot cuz she’s fighting the nature of her body system-- .(thumbs up)..she’s not crazy but its juz one of the way for her to feel better cuz she’s not the type that shares with others..especially in words…debate bley la kot.. she’s back maybe..being the stone cold her again..of course faking things inside her just to feel better..but I think it’s not wrong to fake ur feeling rather than keep it churning..She told me that she dunno how to throw those feeling away..n I think its not wrong to keep it but in one condition…DO NOT LET IT GROW..n everything gonna be alright..dun worry it won’t grow anymore..she vows dat she’ll keep her tears off n away from dropping again..n I gez she shud..n this time its different~ she reli did it..she don’t even cry…She a CEO to be after all ..she learn something,,if u can’t have it u have to let it be on it place where it suppose to be..i learnt smth as well..somtimes there are things that remain unexplain n what can u do is juz keep it for urself n burry it down..think of happy thing wrapped things up n laugh the pain away. Love is smth yg susah untuk dilakukan..til now I still dun understand how it function but I noe..everything happen there shud be a reasons..n its my job to understand the situation rather than being selfish on my own..I’m not the only one who got feeling,,n I have to consider others (except for fuds stuff..i dun wanna understand)..cuz I believe in good day maybe the almighty will show me the light..cuz for me..if I have power to make things ryte n make the entire world happy I won’t waste it..i gez I need to understand ppl more afterwards..n being numb like previous time..she gotta be strong,really2 strong..she has to convince herself that she’s gonna be alright..she juz dunno how to thank him for taking care of her..n she reli appreciate it..really..cuz he’s the 1st guy that ever liked her because of her attitude..dat makes her heart jump in joy..dats okay u gonna be alrite girl..u can do it!!!! :))

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