Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Therz a dying person in da house

Lips bleeding..lips..lips bleeding..okay lately I have this bad thing~ my lips dry..
Wanna cry already..diz morning I was shaken at 3 bcoz of horrendous stomach ache,my lord I was berguling lyke Hindustan film on d grass tp this one on bed till 5.30..i can’t even point out any sound xcept “arghhh…uhhhh..eeeee..ssssttttt..aouuuu..” for 2 hours..cant even move after 1 hour passed cuz its damn sakit..pagi y sugguh menyeksakan,I felt lyke I wanna crawl to my kitchen to take d medicine..but syez shit I cant move xcept berguling2..if I scream pn my parent won’t hear it at all..cuz dey in REM sleep yg xkan sedar..what I remember was berguling n felt my bed sheet wet cuz I was crying(not reli a cry it’s a sign of pain..not a cry tho)..hahha…--shame shame--..reli I wasn’t reli notice dat I was crying maybe cuz its damn painful kot..tuhan je tau..cant wait for 6 cuz mom usually up at 6 …but then it lega sket at 5.30 (around dat time or +++) …fhewww…I dun wanna sakit perut at 3 again!!!!!!..n was so stay on bed for d entire day..watching tv in room..cuz its still attacking(I mean d pain)..n the ubat was lyke xberkesan langsung..heeeee…bengang je..dala I hate pills..shit!n tmbah sakit perut wen dengar Nizar n sarah running here n there outside..screaming2..aaaaa..u guys!!!derz a dying person in da house..eee..geram2~
Around Magrib time m okay a bit n can start wailing at my brother..hahaha..tooo bad I open my refrigerator ..wuahahaahha..i found so many cokes inside n I look into water storage… 1 carton..36 cans..lalalaallaa…tanpa segan dan silu I snap 1 y sejuk n look very2 menggoda..(seductive gler)..drink3..n padan mke my perut sakit again..(so I started blaming org y letak those cans in d peti sejuk..muahaaa..gotta go clinic afterwards..hoho..mmg serve rite on my nose..lulululu…I fell asleep..n woke up at 11 p.m..chunk..chunk..chunk..lapa…still got smth growling in my tummy..but not as horrific as pg td..n its raining outside..n great another probs came!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant move my head to d left!!!whoaaaaaaaaa…sakitnye leher!!!!!..curse ke ape today!!!!..dgn pnuh hatred I massaged “counter pain cream”..using cotton bud(cuz I hate d smell on my hand..i juz wear sum lotion tho!..bencinye!)..i hate it!!!!then I cant sleep cuz my leher sakit..damn~~mmg hari malang sedunia..

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