Monday, December 28, 2009

Support GREEN

The beauty of travelling in dat suppose to be an interesting stuff??well beauty lah sgt its rather we dun have driving license or our car is still in the showcase..but for the sake of our environment it’s better for us to take public transportation rather than..u noe…or shall I explain on the combustion of green house gaseous thru our beloved earth. That’s why m feelin like taking off my shirt rite now. Tho those scientist had broadcast so many things on how precarious ice cap level is now but human stays being ignorant! come on ppl this is our universe I mean we share the same skies n oxygen~~unconditional weather still can’t make these people become conscious that our world is on d tip of iceberg. Makin’ this world a safe place isn’t like how u builds a brand new titanic. Even tho if u do have the brand new ship but if u sailing wif the same attitude u gonna hit iceberg once again. We shud wash our tiny brain..luxurious life doesn’t mean anything on the moment u have big tsunami wrecking it..or even Katrina dat sweep it all away..this natural disaster is actually caused by the unconditional health of our much CFC, assess energy save our earth..whats gonna ensue petroleum after 15 years in time..??lots of alternatives energy introduced by brilliant biotechs’ but human still thinks the words alternatives as smth that shud be considered AFTER fossil fuel ran out!!our earth is sick and we have to cure it~its like a final stage of cancer..when people will start to care??hell no good for those innovation of electronic devices dat saves tons of energy..thanx for those petroleum subsidies ..what the hell world..??? FYI we are not the only one who own this earth..those baby in d cradle,those who still inside,those kids at schools..they will grown up one day..knowing dat d world is ruined because of their ancestor..imagine u’re the 7 year old kids,,u gonna grow up 10 years later..seeing this world isn’t really a our planet for future generation!!support green campaign!love u earth..dont let doom day came a day earlier before it suppose to happen..

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