Thursday, December 31, 2009

ESPRIT worth buying it

So i wont hesitate no more no feeling its still show..and still d same as equal as the moment i noe him *oxygen*...anyway today my day start wif cheezles...gila!!i was putting mysev togetha to carry my laundry stuff and crammed everything inside dat washing mechine..lalala..more..more washing liquids..more~~i love assessive smell in my clothes..yesterday i was spending my 110 buck for esprit perfume*dynamic summer edition(tho now*
it was a critical mornin and i text from khad keep coming in..thanx..she remind me of my laundry thingy..i was den lepaking at alengz. M so starving tho last nyte i ate alot..ngaaa...control fuds...sigh..i miss him even more

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