Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alot again

Its Eid adha today..hmm..nothing much to do rather than waiting for my dad I wanna borrow his broadband I wanna download songs..gez not gonna happen..he’s going back to kelana many things happen on pagi raya..feel like screaming juz let me die..but hold ur horses babe.great~everyone in crouching mood. M stuck in the middle of problem oceans..well I had brag a lot in my diary 3 pages enav n perhaps need more?1st this n then those..what the hell..why life is so hard anyway,why sometimes we need to face it alone n no one gonna help..lucky I have friends that love me..-I love u guys- tho dey dun help but I consider that as helping..nice words pn enough for me to feel a lil bit better..gez like ppl juz see me on the surface dey dunno me within..even my mom never knew that..i swear i’ll kiss u n hug u n marry u(if u’re a guy la..if a girl I treat u vacation to Hawaii)..i swear I do if anyone on earth can tell whats on my mind..what I do always different to what I think..smetimes what I belive is juz left behind..if u can tell what type of girl I am..swear to god I’ll stop being buruk attitude..n m gonna wear kebaya for the rest of my life..hahah..try one can..i look happy but do i??

I dun even have childhood friend tho..i never talk to children in d neighbourhood..i create my own life n my own world..i love granny~how wud u define I’m happy???how ppl can see me happy..hahah..a word..text n stories doesn’t owez reflect the truth accurately..n even ppl y dekat pn blm tentu fhm tho dey see u everyday..dats y people noe my name n I dunno theirs..n ppl think m happy while its actually my bad day..happy is just a decision for me..cuz I have no full power cntrl over it..if u chase happiness it will surely fly just wait it get near u itself..

I’m weird?poyo?sombong?berlagak English..shall I say yes or noe?hahah..ppl juz see me on d surface..n to dat girl dat stole my boy..look I dun even care la!dun have to mention it over n over again..m sick..puke wif ur friendship thingy.suka hatila I nk speak English ke ape..n ske hatila if I wanna free hair ke ape..n I dun dye my hair..lantakla if u wanna tell bad things bout me..cuz I dun care..n to mum n dad..u guys..urghhhh..pleaseeeeeeeeela…n to ex-oxygen understand my feeling a lil..m not expecting love..understanding is juz a random thing in human being..i dun wanna burden u afterall…what m I talking about..shit!i crap a lot

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