Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Health Oversluice

Yeah..elders word worked maybe…hold on must go on no matter what happen cuz we still have tomorrow to go..or maybe not..but it doesn’t mean we have to give up. Tooo much for a motivation I gez…well..i dun wanna talk about it anymore..

Well I woke up numb cuz lack of oxygen in my brain cuz xckup sleep..(if Dr kuben noe..m screwed)..particularly I met him cuz my health problem..arghhhh..i hate this health probs!why the heck~can u imgine I can’t sit for more than 10 min..or even 5 ..wen I get up everything turn takes 3 to 4 minute to get normal..damn~it happen all the time..i gez I has smth to do wif my sclerosis. (backbone probs)..i was advised to drink milk..but then duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..i didn’t drink milk okay..never never never ever…nehi never..n dun lift any heavy stuff (opsss…I juz break those haritu..even got finger injury)…surely dr kuben babble like crazy..cotton plez..m gonna plug ma ears then,who cares~but its juz so crazy wen everytime u sit n get up..u everything went blank..according to approved statement wen I do my medical checkup I have pressure probs..not pressure tekanan perasan tu kay..its blood pressure disruption~the pressure is easily drop n slow to get up again..dats y la…haih..can’t believe therz such a thing like dat in diz world..anyway..m starving here,,its almost blik la cepat~~ I remember I wanna complain badly wif my family healthcare control y agak keterlampauan…sanitizer tu of course every spot I house got!wtf I hate dettol n for a week m suffering frm toothpaste sickness…I hate using dat purple was lyke therz a cement mixture n salt in dat thing…aaaaaaaa..its killing me..gum control la konon..whatever..i feel like brushing my teeth using cement n salt!!!can u imagine dat..urgghhh..i hate it wen I hav to brush my teeth in da morning n nite n after meal..i have to face that insane nasty I have to vomit everyday bcoz of it..try was so bad..i felt like I wanna dip my mouth in da water for 2 hours..melampau~n my medicine box got lots3 of medicine…huwaaaaaa..what was dat????magnesium trisilicate in pills n liquid..may I suggest gas next..

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