Sunday, December 20, 2009

What The HELL

just few more days before goin back,well seem not really have consent to be there~~staying an hour in flyte..m runnin out novels..n absolutely so many things suppose to happened in this holiday. I end up going nowhere..berkabong..che wah..nola..m juz helping mum wif aunts catering thingy..eee..n as everyone noe..i hate wedding!!!i hate to visit one..n what happen diz entire holiday was so f**** s***..urghhhh..every weekend (presicely on Saturday n Sunday…damn) I was forced to go to wedding..y sume org nak married???????nyampah2!!!..i have to escort mom..however wen dad around we all kne terlibat togeda..cuz mom is so malas to cook..huwaaaa..n sebagai akibatnye..i was sakit perut so badly,,n I can’t eat beef for the entire month~~
Well,wen I woke up kne ceramah hebat wif mom..y she even come out wif da word “bukan senang nk faham hati org”..i was lyke oh my hush puppies!!tga xde mood lg nk mention things dat wasn’t supposed to be on air..snap!!hate it lyke hell..n wth wrong wif today is its absolutely nth xcept thinking very much what shud be done after goin back to college soon..haih..more books n papers..n more journal perhaps..great!!i have a massive plan coming up soon..hehe..n suddenly my mom telling me dat therz someone asking for my phone number..damn!!!who r u????berani sungguh!!look get lost n save it for another day..y even asked from my cousin n he tell my mom..shit!i hate this freakin much..get lost..go to hell n never show up in my life..dats it!m not a yellow pages..therz a lot of girls outthere n grab one for d god sake..m so pissed!don’t get near

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