Saturday, December 19, 2009


Therez reli smth wrong with the stupid html..i spent my last few hours to renovate the html,,change the!its so suffering stuck..anyway m gonna comes out wif new renovation after holidays over..n probably around new year..knowing dat i have only 7 days more at home so gotta spend more time jiggling around n giggling wif my lil bro..everything gonna be brand new soon..i cant believe i was inpired by barbie!this is major serious we're talkin bout that pinky disgusting stuff..anyway thanx for the liner of..writing is my life..hahah..very impressive attraction!i lyke d idea of writing in diary is a treasure..nway this coming new year ther will be new stuff!m gonna post lots n lots of new hot patatoes,my 1st own video playing guitar!,pictures n fun to my follower dats quite a description..m gonna change the entire look of this blog..its been so freakin ugly..well gotta see ya as soon as possible..thousand words worth than a bad picture..n if u sit alone n keep thinking wen u ose 1 thing doesnt mean u lose everything..chill out!

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