Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Missing Him

Do you noe d definition of “miss” in missing people..i mean not miss as title nor miss as u cannot find smthg cuz its missing..its u wanted to see n to be n to hear bout smone so badly..reli I dunno this actually..why therz such word in this world..4 alphabet dat works like tons on ‘em..very decent meaning,critical emotional state going on in amygdale n mental cognition dat wil be disturbed(is dat d word)..i was a moment away to be crazy..juz hoping god will can stop this stupid churning firing words mechanism (wow..good theory)..sortta idiotic problemic line..see I started to create new words again!
Anyway,monsoon change wind change season change velocity change universe change and so do human being. My theory move on u have to beat it or even be better than,,if u lost in one game u shud stand up n win over it..thats sound like a big work wif a complicated effort~will is always a will..u want it snap it. Once upon a time I was insulted for taking care of one innovation booth for my the words dat will never die in my memory “last year hantar debater this year hantar time keeper”..holy shit..if I were to be who am I now..those dude were fucking dead eating those banana flour (its an innovation by my senior sharifah sarah..she got spm on that particular time so I have to replace her..dunno on what stand)…boarding school really sucks!so I decided to join debate team in university life n never listen to malay songs ever..damn~I get used to it..I’m not a time keeper~m the one who speaks n ppl keep the time for if those dudes ever cross me again..swear to god,,m gonna kick ur ass off boys..haha..the the following year after my senior graduated from dat bloody school I invent new thing.. “brinjal reduce glucose n fructose level” was my idea..n that school was so not fair~I work it d test..burning my finger on bunsen burner n those benedict solutions..~dey sent other representative to present my work while I’m still in the team..-just bcoz I have C in my biology-fuck la those things..lastly I got A jugak..haih…how’s dat??2 years I’m holding on being a very GOOD girl..dun even curse once n nodded for everything..surely if dey see me now..i bet..haha..surely dey will pop out..come on ppl..told ya human being change..well,m not changing but my attitude does..i actually realize today dat I hate being nice..for what??if u being nice to people but dey give a bitter!thats so not fair..i stay shut up for 2 years cuz I actually homesick..n I hate that school.NOW!things different m not the old one that just listen..m a debater..m a basketball player..soon m gonna be good in that I dun have to fall for debaters cuz I can speak as their clan did..n I dun have to fallinluv wif boys that can play guitar cuz I can do it good being independent..

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