Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Torn Epilogue

She was just a naïve girl bout relationship.She dun even noe how to say help me cuz she dun wanna burden others… She dun even noe how to handle sulking ppl~She’s a dork in love..She took things for granted maybe,n she didn’t realize that things she had might gone.hmm..She think she got the best boy ever and she got her ultimate love thingy…she was mistakenly being on the wrong house, she owez tot that the love she had will last forever not knowing dat love is lyke a cyclone and a came whenever they want n sweep everything in a blink. She being in happy state too long n she had cried too much. Today dat girl had lost her love~she was trying very2 hard to defend her love all this time sake..she keep holding on whenever therz a lame issue. She often hurt but her words just cant say it out loud..She just noe how to she wrote this to me,,30th may is wher everything started..she tot her life cud be different wif someone different who cares..dat was just a beginning ~she burnt her ice diamond in her head n she open up for everything..therz a lot of thing that smtimes we cant simply explain…with him she shares almost everything..things that she never told her friend..she dunno how the love so unconditional till she dunno how to stop..even now she still dunno how to stop loving him…the more things hurt her the more she stand stronger for her love..being so stupid chasing smone who always not sure for whom his heart is..Whenever she feel very2 sad she noe she was just’s her teddy bear that keep her warm~(a bit hypochondriac)..She laugh it off n build her own portion to stay well..No one noe what she’s been thru in this life..swear to god…

Notion of having someone that u love in life make things easier..yeah..dat wats she think..she need smone to lean on, shoulder to cry, smone who accept her the way she is..cuz she’s a complete horrific girl(literary saying of stonecold)..but probably her wishes are myth after all..he loves the other girl more than he love her..She knew it but she juz holding on..she thought that he will be strong for her..he’s not..he won’t…it’s her who fought alone for the relationship..reli sounds eerie wen u fallinluv till u dunno how to stop..the breakup thing killing her softly ~seem that she had give up entirely..cuz she believe one thing “if he loves me he will stick wif me,no matter what, trying very best cuz he’s not gonna fyte things alone,he have me that won’t leave him n me who will owez support him in everything” too bad he didn’t see dat..she never cried before solely she never...she dunno how she can easily cried..she use to be strong..she’s the type that “don’t bother ppl around her”...maybe the way she sees love is different..dunno in what angle~ its not that she being nice ol the time therz a time wen she mad n upset wif him..its just way2 tooo bad cuz he never see that..she feel like love is lyke eating sushi wif wasabi..1st it taste reli good till the point ur lips touch the wasabi it burn~~n even after eating it the firing spicy thing still remain..she juz torn badly..sitting at the edge of the bed keep thinking..if she ever done smth like this to ppl before n she get the karma,,-sigh- dat wat she do for d entire day..Hurt n torn n impair n upset n frayed n sad ~

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