Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not Looking For Any

Someone asked me what type of guy u were looking for..i’d be happy to say..m not looking for any~m not a seeker..daaa..definition of flirting plez..i dun even noe how to talk to ppl unless dey start it out 1st n how on earth m I supposed to flirt?damn..weird question..but the random fact still ther…I wanna basketball player n if its possible to be rugby player as 1st crush Eric Lee~~~~he’s so damn good in basketball!!!!(naaaa…dat was 5 years back) we can date on basketball court..hahahahaahahahahahahhaaha..lame…shame..dummy..ssss
Oxygen dun stay longer in my will be regulated n carbon dioxide…so do love..m not good in love..i play nice n good…too nice I gez..promise no more next time

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