Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dun Try Diz At Home

Things that we should check after breakup~prove the equation of

Break+Up●(Girl-Boy) = Die.Shuffle.Give Up……………….(a)

∫memory+ 2x ≠ ∞…………………………..(b)

Assume x=times together

Shall we begin proving whether the equation is valid or of course if we refers to numerical data fact n theory the equation above is absolutely xboleh pakai. However we are certain if we can come out wif logical explanation the equation is valid. Based on however “Aisyathegreat” principal break+up chewah..break is fractured shutter smashed shatter..up is happy positive,if smthg break u have to be positive..okay I make things worse..i bet no one can understand this on to the real proving solution kay..

After breaking up I thought I’ll get equation (a)..but then before I conclude that equation a is valid on the nite of the break up event (sounds glamorous…y break up have to be at nite?)…..i need to wrapped things up on the real meaning of breaking up n the purpose of the break up..(too many break up word)

OKAY!!!!!!NOW GET REAL!!this isn’t what m I suppose to say..eishh.break up usually affect girls more rather than boys G≥B..however both can be same if it happen in certain condition..this is very subjective okay,,things that shud checkup n believe is those lula days are actually over (1)..usually they think dat dey’ll die the next morning so..lock ur alarm at 8 n if u still can wake up n shut it off mean u still alive,n if u still think dat u’re actually dead..get off from bed n tgok nmpak sun x?n start looking for other ppl in da house (if diorg can see u mean u still alive…ask dem “korang nmpak aku x?”) (2)…n xpayahla nk hilang selera..cuz wait till the clock strikes at 12 afternoon ur tummy sure croacking..dun lie cuz bukan hilang selera tp juz xde mood nk makan n wen perut croak mean u hungry (3) way to give up..aduhai,,why nk give up in life..eishh..u’re actually juz givup wif ur EX…dan maka oleh itu hal ini den ur EX and LIFE is different things…(4)..shuffle?what?dance shuffle kah?wey..ape y nak shuffle..relationship?mmg dah shuffle nothing u can do..shuffle ur future..jgn sekali..look if u’re positive enav u can be friends..but not a cold friends..(5) therefore the equation (a) is not valid

Moving on forward to equation (b)..why u hav e to throw those away..bia je wher it suppose to be..ur memory is in hippocampus n frontal lobe..n somewhere other(no need to mention) mne bleh nk delete,u r not using 134Gigabyte pnye external hard disc,,so bia je..nnti leh cte kt ur kids how many boys u have dated before..n maybe ur cucu..hahah.. “waaaa..u’re so cool la nanny”..anyway..haha..m juz writing diz for fun kay..(PLEZ DO NOT TRY DIZ AT HOME) hard feeling kay..sorry for those idiotic fact..hehehe..please do not try my advice cuz its hazardous..yeah 1st day u follow my advice 2nd day nnti ade gak y terjun kay..dont ever..

p/s:mie picang jgn cuba2..hoho

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