Monday, December 28, 2009


Flying back to the place dat u weren’t willing to stay cuz it left a brutal ke?haha..nway really not liking d idea of going back. Great wedding again??after arrived at d airport I was urged to get along in wedding ceremony wif JEANS AND T-SHIRT..aduhaiii..why I have to go to wedding tot this week I can get away frm mum n dad wedding invitations yg melambak n sure mati makan byk if m in peninsular now..BUT!here kne go jugak..what a luck,such a decent luck (eeeeeeee)..N GREAT!!my suck way of packin stuff..i forgot my pills,,my gastric pills & few more pill I dunno what was dat for juz ate it for d god sake~back to dat wedding topic which caused me to freeze on dat house for 4 hours..adohh..penat sungguh..i reach my real destination around 1 smth..cant put anything on my mind..sigh..den joking wif kakak college,eishh..putus fius btol aku ni..
After unlocked d door & crammed everything in my room(which is my old room still alone if no mates..yeayyyy) I juz realize I left my towels,no shower cream,no toothpaste no shampoo,no nothing..n great starving.So I was begging wani n nor for car rental come I totally forgot to buy those wen I came wif my uncle earlier..heee..payah btol~
Lately maybe kerana less sugar n low level of sweet so I became unconscious freak!i was makin up paranoid story..i was planning to go out alone suddenly I was in a negative lane..hee..adeke patot I was thinking dat pakcik gonna kidnap me & sell me to philipine..m not gonna make it to marry neal capes..haha..m so paranoid..what if this and that..n obviously I’m in a ..critical homesick..well wif durian issue..adui pening..kay I gez gotta stop bragging now..get some sleep in diz chilly roo

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