Monday, December 21, 2009

Starving&Mad&Going to explode

What a decent morning..i was left starving wif no breakfast while my lil bro n my mom goin out for roti canai..damn..diz is so not sorry to someone who called me last nite i was so sleepy n i was talking to d phone as in not really talking..cant even rmember what language i put was alien like sounds..urghmmmm..yeuww..whats dat??sorry..haha..too tired maybe..n diz mornin feyy was like gle..she still think shez in US happy calling me at 5..gila!!n serve rite on her nose~~i use that alien language..i shall put imaginary sign dat I'M SO SLEEPY..still menggosok2 mata while typin..suddenly i remember d countdown thingy..arghhhhhhhhhhh 5 days to go!!!shall i scream hell out loud..i hate goin back there!but then for the sake of my first class honor degree..n CEO thingy..m a HR i really meant to be that kind of person???puzzle..missing my pure science stuff..DNA polymerase..ligase enzyme..huuu..numerical method..trigonometry..huwaaaaaaaaaa..however FREEZE!!i still wanna curse!!who d hell textin me????look my number isnt a public number..damn it~free lah i give u go somewhere else n get drown..n d second time if u too blind to read go buy brailles word..padan mka..when i say no more i mean no more!if u ppl are so ill-witted go back to primary school n learn kesedaran sivik..stupid!

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