Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Say hello to the virtual world..finally I get my breathing rhythm like a white horse song*slow and easy* My second day of the week turn up to be so suffocating. Frankly speakin’ I felt like hanging mysev on d top of Dubai tower and hell let the helicopter thump me. The meaning of busy had become so unfathomable *puzzled by d definition of semester’s first week *. I was assign with this crucial task. Of course I was given less than 24 hours for 2 page essay which twisting ur decipher. I have to breakthrough it in any way tho I have to brag bout this accent of one Malaysia. *confuse whether I’m opposing it or vice versa* I was digging inside my medulla let those tiny lil neuron work harder in this cranial lookin’ for an academic like words. I was bombarded by tons of text for the past 48 hour *plez dun text me wen I’m in claz m reli damn focusing on diz bloody semester okay!* Mr Balachandran glares dagger at me bcoz of my phone vibration..great !!Yet after 3 hours staring on the blank word document I finally come out wif 3 sentence..ONLY!!..i’m totally runnin outta brilliant idea how to write things . I went for discussion at CAIS and gez what m walkin alone in dat windy nite..n pass by construction site and FSGK..just me and the anggin menggila~spooky..n went back a few min before 12 dgn hujan lebat n basah2..fuhhh..starting of semester yang kindda menguji keimanan

It was 12 midnite m kindda resting my back cuz I have this insanity of dealing wif backache since our classes dun posses any ergonomic criteria. Man therez smth inside my pillow n obviously I killed it..since I heard bone cracked inside..

Today I cant even get my meals*havin it at 10pm*..i skipped lunch cuz its seriously busy..n just even in diz busy life I cant stop thinking of oxygen..sigh..*shaking myself..whats wrong wif me* seriously just cant skip a second to think of word dat I try to deny is..missing him..*just admit sya u miss him*..anyway back to da vital point of da day I was in Farida claz today..we’re discussing bout love of much is enough..of course she inspire me to write smth which will come over soon..i love her class cuz she got lots of beautiful saying..and yeah great I was stuck in LAW class for 3 hours at nite by mr bala..huwaaa..noe-ing dat I hate history and sitting numb on my seat wif sakit belakang yang terlampau and start to day dream bout other stuff..really cant bare wif those seksyen 6,7,yada2..and act 1955..whatever!!!!..bosan gle..

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