Monday, December 28, 2009


I maybe sound like a creepy obsessive person as i bumped into diz guy yesterday at the airport..we grab d same newspaper and he said "after you.." oh my dior!!hahha..anyway..dats just a sily thing actually cuz i was focusing more on the hottest new on d front page..but he's so cute..i had lost contact wif oxygen (i still wanna use dat name cuz real name isnt allowed)..still cant..u topic please~i wanna have fun..m so tired adik called so many time to check on his dragonball dvd..sorry i terbawak he stars to brag on d fabulous food dat he had for lunch including roasted chicken for TOMMOROW..m totally in insanity mood..homesick..all sick..heee
Then i was involved in writing an essay..suppose to submit it today is so tiring..i have class at 6 some more..penatnye..i'm so blur blank bout d to get started..i want a beautiful essay..

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