Friday, December 18, 2009


This few weeks had been quite..umm I’m not sure how to read between the lines. Anyway there’s still an intense sentiment within that I presume can’t never be removed till perpetuity (timeline dat cudn’t be delineate). I’m really tired answering questions which I have no idea what to drivel. Just hoping for no more. The truth is just so awkward and hard to explain(bout what juz happen). Even now I have no clue what am I saying.

Well I do bumped into few of my old journal diary collection which I was supposed to open in 5 years time from now…When so many people asked why how what..keep those delayed for a moment cuz I’m not ready to open my case study ( cost a lot for sure)..or maybe I’m not gonna spill it out.

People see me as someone who is really someone. One line “what love?what boys?” can I just skip that..mmm..As if for me I may NOT what u think of..

High taste???

Uuuu..that’s too much (to Julia Ching my darling JC this is ur ans…dun ask again kay babe). Honestly I have the most awful taste in anything. My appalling manner that so obvious to the crowd. (It just can’t be helped at all, frankly speakin). I dun expect for something big. I dun even want a prince on white horse with shining armor. Just enough to someone that could love me the way I use to be. (the sengal and senget and whatsoever world can define me). Just because I dun eat vege and I always being fussy and I always act like a spoil brat and speak English no matter where I stand even in pasar malam, doesn’t mean I’m a girl who cares bout how many cash do u have in the pocket so do how many credit cards in ur wallet. Honestly that’s not even cross my mind. “MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” and I have my personal reason. I dun care where u park ur Porsche or ur Lamborghini. Ride a bus also will do (ain’t that sweet taking bus..=)). Material is not love. Love is something that u can’t buy. Probably my scheme of love is a lil bit odd. (can’t remember how many time debatin on dat) .

People always have the wrong idea on me. I just wish for the simple one. Laugh for my jokes (not pretending to). SIMPLE as in everything. I wanna guy that don’t show off.(Yeah I know what u got so cut those broadcasting thingy off). If u’re so so filthy rich u dun have to show it cuz it make me sick (I dun give a damn heed n its not even in d description to impress me). Dun feign cool wen u’re not cuz wen I love u I’ll be keen on everything about u. Absolutely I see no slack on u... worry if u dun wanna pay for my lunch..i dun tap that so much,n I do eat at mamak stall(I’m not that western freak okay..i’m normal), =)—as long as its clean—cuz I can go bananas..wheuww..(dun ever envisage wen m on top of volcano)..

Yes I do love guys who can play basketball n enjoy rugby (cuz m a big fan of Dan Carter n Kobe Bryant!!!!i love u boys)..n cool enough if that boy can play guitar..hahahha..but dats juz a lame trait dat ever come out in my head… too much reverie I guess (knock..knock..on my head..silly me). I have the prime idiotic idea of dating out on basketball court..come on!of course no boy wud want that..anyway..dey’ll xpect a mushy make out..which I dunno how to do (I never done 1..i have a tragic love story..=)) 3 month for my 1st bf –feeq- and 7 month for the 2nd one –oxygen-..n we never make it to meet each bad..(ahhh JC u make me write diz..u better come home now..aren’t ya for Christmas..i miss u guys)

I’m not so excellent on love topic cuz we dun have text book for this n this isn’t a subject (area under discussion that so twisting n troublesome). I’m not looking for any of those in my description anymore. 1. I’m tired, 2. It’s not worth it, 3. I look stupid on it…therefore (wow...Sounds like conclusion in biology experiment) wise clock is ticking again and I had blow the candle more aromatherapy (analogy for sweet romance thing) scent. Dear Jules JC told ya what ERIC may deem before he left us all.(his memory still wif us..may his soul went to heaven)…Fuhh..5 years already now only I have spirit to talk about it.That’s all I can drivel hope it tangible enough. The gate is closed. What remain inside let it be that way. Feeq is my lesson (padan mke me) while Oxygen is the best thing I ever had n I will never forgets. Surely m not in da lovey dovey mood anymore. Just doing my time freezing my ice diamond again.

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